What is your current development priority?

Personal Development 


You should sign up for coaching when you want to understand, design and execute specific, meaningful changes in your personal and professional life. It's an incredible experience when done well and both you and people around you will benefit from it largely. As your coach I will give you solution oriented guidance and support you in implementation of designed changes in your life. I strongly recommend coaching to all managers so they gain better understanding about themselves and their values which in my opinion leads to highly improved leadership skills. It also proves to be essential for young start-ups growing too fast. With a coach they can access self-awareness tools very much needed for development of their leadership and communication skills.


While coach guides you towards the change, mentor is here to share his or her experience and expertise. One of my passions is to build a network of mentors so anybody could accelerate their growth when sharing valuable experiences. With me, or with one of assigned mentors from my network, you have a chance to ask questions and discuss different topics based on your current needs. Depending on your development plans I'll do my best to find you a perfect mentor match. From my experience it's as much about the expertise as about the chemistry. But when it works out - it's magic!

Career Advice 

Whenever you are stuck or not sure what should be your next move - I'm here to help you with career advise. I'll run you through few assessments and questionnaires to assess your skills and what's your 'element'. After that you should have better idea about your next career plans and options.

Communication UX 

Empathy for Impact 

We all like to believe that we know how to communicate. That our message is well delivered and will be understood in its beauty and content. Well, not always. We tend to take communication as a given skill and communicate more or less in one way all the time. But we are all different and your message can be so much more better when adjusted to the receiving party. Once you understand what type of communicator is your customer, colleague or business partner, you can very easily adjust small parts of your communication to increase its impact and by that achieve better results. We are combining this with some coaching as well, to make it more impactful.


It's surprising how many people, and unfortunately many managers, are failing to understand their communication issues and traps. Even more often it's combined with rare feedback requests and low self-awareness. These elements together lead to unfortunate misunderstandings, hurt feelings and missed opportunities to get the right message out in a right way. Communication fails are normal but they can be reduced once you learn how to communicate for impact and with empathy. We'll study your communication issues and connect them with personal coaching to achieve your full understanding of your communication patterns and how to improve your overall impact when communicating. Don't worry, we make sure to point out your great communication skills as well!

Communication Tools 

Improving your communication in general can be very useful to you. I would be happy to assess your understanding of your different communication tools and skills and propose a set of new ones depending on your individual personal and professional goals. This is one skill which when combined with coaching brings you great satisfaction. Your world will open up and you'll be more confident in delivering any message or presentation. Or just to be better with your emails and meetings!


Digital Adaptation 

Competency Assessments 

"Digital" is for sure one of the buzzwords in any industry. Nevertheless the fact is that new technologies and mostly internet and mobile are changing customer's behaviour and expectations. Is your online and social presence and organisation as such ready for these changes? I can help you to assess where you stand and how much change is needed. If you are a corporation or company with digital agency and/or in-house experts, then congratulations, you're covered! HELPTEEM is here mostly for start-ups, NGOs or small SMEs to analyse their status quo and help them to leverage new technologies for their growth plans. We'll provide a questionnaire and conduct series of interviews to assess your readiness and hand over a easy to read report with the assessment results.

Adaptation Guidelines 

When you know your gaps in your digital competence it's still not easy to know how to change it. We can help you to find the right agency or individual or simply just point you to the a good training. I strongly recommend to combine this service with coaching and/or mentoring to ensure that your management is set to the right course. That's very important in order to make the change last and deliver results.

Strategies for Digital Age 

HELPTEEM is also here to help you by contributing to your strategy for digital age. These would be the cool ideas brainstormed with and for you. Take advantage of our passion for new technologies and cool apps! We would love to share our ideas and see your team to bring them to life.


Organisational Design 

Start-up Organisation 

It's very common to have in start-ups young people who rarely worked in an established organisation. That gives them in my opinion huge advantage in creating exceptional products or services but not necessarily the ability to survive the next phase or crossing the chasm. Team roles and responsibilities, respect for the role of facilitation and leadership, rules of engagement etc. are very commonly ignored until it's too late. I can help you to assess the biggest threats and guide you towards the best solution. There is no blueprint for this ... you have to decide and do the work. But I can help to point you in the right direction and mentor you when needed.

Leading for Creativity 

This part is truly something. When you have a team that is motivated, engaged and creative - that's some awesome experience! Some of us managed to create this kind of experience in our previous careers and I would be happy to share the recipe and key ingredients. I would work with you and your team during series of workshops to discuss current obstacles and ways to get creative despite them. I will also help you, the leader,  to assess and gain those skills and leadership styles that are needed to manage a creative team.

Efficient Processes 

Reach out to HELPTEEM if you feel that your productivity could be much better. Get hard-core on productivity, efficiency and process management. From my career in different organisations and countries I learned key skills and mindsets that is very much needed almost everywhere, I'm happy to teach you some tips and tricks. It's recommended to combine with coaching so the change and new habits would last. Get ready for the new you! Suitable for individuals as well as teams.